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How sport helps me to recharge.

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13 Dec 2019

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This post is not what I usually blog about. :) I regularly write about technical stuff, not about personal life and fitness. But damn, sometimes it’s okay to change something. Anyway, keep on reading, but remember I warned you, there will be zero technical value in this post.

One reader of my blog wrote to me: “Hey, I found your Instagram account and thought it’s not you, there are so many sports photos.” Well, yeah, that’s true. Sports was always a part of my live. I don’t remember a single week I haven’t been exercising. Maybe except when I was sick. And over the past few years I started feeling how I essentially can’t live without going for a little running workout or playing soccer.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I try to wrap up any activity I’m now working on and do some sports.

All the greatest thoughts are coming while running. It is funny, but often times I come from my workout and immediately write down the thought that came while I was running. I don’t know how it works on the body level, but I feel so much more confident while running. I’m ready to tackle any challenge I might face.

Additionally, I always listen audiobooks while running. I have Audible subscription which provides me with hours of good audiobooks. By having running workouts, I have listened to a big number of audiobooks I wouldn’t find the time to listen otherwise. It is 2in1: it not only saves my time, but it helps to be distracted from actual running. For professionals this is rather a drawback then an upside, but for me it’s good. Sometimes the 5 mile run feels like 5 minutes when all my thoughts are about the book I’m listening to.

There is one good thing about daily sport commitments. I believe it trains our mind in doing things that do not necessary bring you joy and happiness. It develops confidence and discipline. And not just in sports but in my daily job as well. During the years I made such an observation, that I tend to procrastinate more when I miss my physical exercises.

Everything what I wrote is not new, I know. But if I could inspire at least one reader to make sport activities a daily routine, I will consider it a success.

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